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The Stabilizer MADE in Italy

Low Mode
allows to move your camcorder a few centimetres from the ground...

Kit Video

Hard Case
The best way to protect the equipment

Steadicam Sanda100

Sanda 100 is a new stabilizer designed and produced within the "Officine Made" of Turin, Italy.
Sanda 100 stabilizer is interely made of alloy aluminium, extracted from solid through a shaving removing process. Its surface is treated with anodic oxidation.

What makes Sanda100 steadicam unique are its special parts: the Gimbal and the counterbalance plate sliding on the Post, the backward weight release system, the micrometric adjustments of the camcorder, and the quick release plate Manfrotto 357.

Sanda100 provides an extremely light, top quality working equipment. It is very compact, solid, flexible and easy to use.

It is a complete stabilizing system, it can be customized on customer request with a wide range of accessories.



Light-weighted and ergomomic
Light-weighted and ergomomic.
Especially designed to lighten the forearm muscle strain.
Design Cad 3D
Design Cad 3D and CNC processing extracted from solid.
Entirely in alloy aluminium
Produced in Italy
entirely in alloy aluminium.

Officine Made S.n.c.
P.Iva 09647960013